President’s Message

The name SAKIA comes from the Japanese word saki-au, meaning to “bloom together”. Step into a field during springtime to find not one, but a lively assortment of foliage and flowers. We believe the metaphor extends to people. Connections between guests and staff form communities that blossom. The classical Japanese word sakihafu (saki-au) is said to be the origin of the word for happiness today, saiwai. The word describes a vibrant energy that blooms far and wide.

The role of hotels and the hospitality business is to create an inclusive type of joy that can be shared by all, no matter the role or status. It’s the simple but authentic moments that result in hearts won and steady, organic growth. Hotels have the potential to become B2F (business-to-fan) businesses, achieving high profitability through meticulous differentiation. By creating and continuously refining a brand to meet fans’ needs and wishes, in the manner of Porsche or Apple, a hotel can earn a special position in the market.

The global market has seen such brands flourish, but the movement is rarely seen in our domestic hotel industry. We must keep up with the rest of the world at a time when the tourism industry is becoming unified with regards to infrastructure, information, and transportation. Systems and rules separating countries are becoming obsolete.

The market is transforming before our eyes, and it is no passing fad. Communication via tourism has become a social activity on a human level that will involve and support our world in years to come. We also believe it encourages acceptance amid our differences. SAKIA’s roots are firmly planted in reality. Our priorities lie in building a foundation to actualize this globally-minded business model.

The most important piece to the puzzle is the work environment, one that cultivates awareness and motivation on the side of the service providers, and a functional system allowing for constant growth. A positive cycle of high labor productivity, sufficient pay, and profitability is essential for growth. It also nurtures the four elements for a successful hotel: people, things, money and ideas. This is the world SAKIA aims to create.

We look forward to connecting with you in our blossoming spaces.

Shuya Kuwana
President Shuya Kuwana

Corporate Profile

Company Name
Sakia Hospitality Co., Ltd.
August 17, 2007
Aska V Nihonbashi 7F, 1-3 Nihonbashi Odenmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0011
10 Million Yen
Main Bank
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Business Description
1.Real estates, equity and debt investments 2.Hospitality management and operations 3.Hospitality management service 4.Hospitality asset management service 5.Consulting services for hospitality operations and investments 6.Real estate sales/purchases, exchanges and lease 7.Brokerage service of real estate sales/purchases, exchanges and lease 8.Financial services (Type II Financial Service and investments advisory/brokerage) 9.All other associated business
Real Estate Brokerage Business (Registered No. 96372) Financial Instruments Business (InvestmentsAdvisory and Agency Business , Type II Financial Instruments Business) (Registered No. 2835)
Japan Investment Advisers Association

The Team

Introducing the Team of Specialists at Sakia Hospitality

Shuya Kuwana

Shuya Kuwana, President and Founder, has over 25 years of hotel investment, acquisition, development, asset management and operational experience since the start of his career with the Palace Hotel Group.

From 2005, he led Hotel Acquisitions, Hotel Asset Management, and Hotel Property Management Departments at Goldman Sachs Realty Japan.

He was responsible for acquisitions and asset management for 15 hotels (over 120 billion yen) throughout Japan. While at Goldman Sachs Realty Japan, he successfully increased asset value through repositioning, achieving budgeted or higher investment return for each hotel.

Prior to Goldman Sachs Realty Japan, he worked with Andersen and KPMG as a Senior Manager in Tokyo. After joining Arthur Andersen in 1999, he was responsible for the firm’s advisory services, mainly in transactions and securitizations in Japan and Asia Pacific.

He writes for Property Management Magazine, Monthly Leisure Industry Magazine, and Monthly Leisure Hotel Magazine, and lectures regularly at hospitality investment conferences. He is a graduate of Rikkyo University.


Minoru Nabeshima

Minoru Nabeshima, Board Director and Managing Director of Hotel Operations, has 25 years of hotel management experience.

Prior to joining Sakia Hospitality, he served as a member of the board and Deputy General Manager at Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay. He joined as an opening member of the hotel in 1988 and led numerous projects, successfully creating differentiation and a competitive edge for the hotel.

During that time, he held prominent positions such as Chief Room Department Officer, Chief Food and Beverage Department Officer, and Assistant General Manager as well as Sales Department Officer. 

He started his career with Nippon View Hotel and oversaw accounting. He joined the launch and opening of Asakusa View Hotel as a member of its lodging department.


Anna Masatsuki

Anna Masatsuki, a board member of Sakia Hospitality, oversees advisory, operations, and asset management.

Prior to working with Sakia Hospitality, she was involved in underwriting and due diligence for numerous hotel transactions and portfolio reporting at Goldman Sachs Realty Japan. She oversaw systems improvement and investor report activities in the portfolio management department of Goldman Sachs Realty. In the hospitality asset management department, she worked on asset management of fifteen hotel portfolios exceeding 100 billion yen, followed by hotel investments in the acquisitions department.

She is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She acquired her Certificate for Real Estate and Hotel Investment in the Professional Development Program at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration. She is on the board of the Japan Hospitality Asset Managers Association.


Hiroki Shimizu

Hiroki Shimizu is Senior Director of Business Development.

He started his career at Mitsui Kanko Kaihatsu Co., Ltd (currently GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd.). He built his portfolio as Sapporo Park Hotel Marketing Department Chief, Corporate Marketing Director, Asahikawa Grand Hotel Senior Managing Director and General Manager, Sapporo Grand Hotel Assistant Manager, and Sapporo Grand Hotel Sales Development Department Chief. As a selected member of the Revitalization Project by the Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation of Japan, he was responsible for marketing strategy for properties and headquarters, product development, sales strategy, and branding.

He has accumulated a vast variety of experiences in the operations of hotels, Japanese-style ryokan hotels, and leisure facilities. He is a graduate of the Iowa State University Hospitality Management Department.


Kyoko Furuta

Kyoko Furuta is Director of the Asset Management Division, where she focuses on advisory, asset management, and investment activities.

Prior to working with Sakia Hospitality, she worked as Asset Manager at Goldman Sachs Realty Japan hospitality management practice, overseeing its major assets including Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay, Hotel Nikko Alivila, and Meriken Park Oriental Hotel. She also oversight GSRJL’s property management subsidiary, Archon Hospitality. In addition, she was Senior Consultant for Arthur Andersen (also known as KPMG), where she worked extensively on hotel acquisitions, sales advisory, valuation, operational and financial analysis.

She contributed to the advisory work on such well-known hotel transactions in Japan as Rhiga Royal Hotel Narita, Daiei Portfolio, Hotel Nikko Alivila and Namba Washington Hotel Plaza. She gained operational experience at Fujiya Hotel, where she further strengthened her interest in the industry. She holds a Master’s Degree from Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.


Eiji Saito

Eiji Saito is Managing Director of the Innovation Division, where he focuses on IT and new solutions on both new hotel development and hotels under management.

After spending two years in the F&B and accounting departments at Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel, he was appointed to the information systems department where he was responsible for systems operation and maintenance, development, and new systems incorporation. He then joined Starwood Hotels and Resorts and oversaw IT strategy and systems design and development, systems modification, launch and maintenance, in all Starwood hotels nationwide.

Recent endeavors have included development projects at the St. Regis Osaka Hotel and Sheraton Grande Hotel Hiroshima, where he was responsible as IT Project Leader for ideation to set-up, education and maintenance.


Kazuko Matsushima

Kazuko Matsuhima is Director of the Hotel Operations Division, where she focuses on marketing communications and revenue management.

Prior to joining Sakia Hospitality, she was engaged for seven years in revenue management, CRM, publicity, and marketing at the Royal Park Hotel Shiodome.

At Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel, she worked as lodging operations staff and revenue analyst, followed by a position in revenue management. She created the revenue management system in the lodging, restaurant and banquet departments. She then became project leader of hotel revitalization projects at a real estate development company where she was involved in rebranding, product development, and sales strategy.

She is a graduate of Grossmont College in California. She acquired her Certificate for Revenue Management at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration.




Aska V Nihonbashi 7F,
1-3 Nihonbashi Odenmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0011

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