Asset Management

We are a group of professionals with the initiative to develop and implement plans to maximize asset value for each property. Opportunistic investment requires ascertainment of each property’s disposition, and our value-added investments are a unique strength.

We ascertain the potential of each property, and visualize the property when its potential has been maximized. We create an actionable plan for value maximization that focuses on KPI, sales profit, facility content, improved operations, strategic investment, appropriate marketing and sales presence, and applicable structure. We are a group of operations professionals that makes possible the planning and implementation of tangible asset value increase.

To introduce various functions into hotel operations, we rely on the “Functional Approach Method”. When a need to establish revenue management capability exists, hiring a skilled revenue manager alone will not prove efficient. It may cause internal friction. We believe a more effective approach is to embed each related organization with the necessary auxiliary functions.


Initiative to Increase Asset Value
·Renovation ·Repositioning ·Rebranding ·Operational Performance Improvement

Sourcing from Operational Takeover to Exit
·Creation of Investment Script ·Sourcing ·Rebranding, Operational Changes, Human Resources Management ·Implementation and Maintenance of Renovation Plans

Our Asset Management Projects

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