Japan’s sole independent service provider specializing in the hospitality business

SAKIA Hospitality Group is Japan’s only independent service provider focused on property management, asset management, renovation and development of hotel assets. We believe when a hotel’s asset value is maximized, so too are the values of investors, staff, guests, and region for stakeholders. To achieve this value, it is necessary to cultivate four key elements including people, things, finances and ideas, to function together seamlessly. SAKIA’s mission lies in the realization of these values as we continue to seek out the best solutions.

  • Property Management


    Maximize hotel performance.
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  • Hotel Planning


    Plan hotels that create new values.
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  • Asset Management


    Maximize asset value.
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Maximize return by realizing a hotel’s true potential.


SAKIA’s Original Methods to
Raise Customer Value and Maximize Profit

Five Stone Planning Method

When planning a hotel, we first define the elements of region, service, space, food, and experience, all of which will determine the state of the hotel.
In doing so, we are able to position the hotel and create unique content that draws attention and interest in the market, awakening demand and earning acclaim.
As long as the “five stones” are kept in tact, operational decisions may be adjusted according to changes in environment. We present an operational framework that can be modified to fit the environment, without losing its core values.

Star Hotel Method

Many hotels try to win all potential guests by compromising on price. This means customer value is not effectively differentiated, and hotels are forced to continue competing on price. This makes it impossible to achieve ADR that is above the market average.
In order to produce unit area profits that continually outperform the market, a planning method must be put into place that allows customers to visualize an extraordinary hotel experience, encouraging purchase by designation.

Bloom Productivity Method

In order to win in the hospitality business, achieving both high levels of pay and profit rates is essential. To do this, a change needs to be made from the foundation up in a system causing low productivity in the country’s hospitality industry.
SAKIA implements methods that achieve both high productivity and employee satisfaction.
High pay and employee satisfaction rates are most essential to increasing productivity. This requires an operation system based on human characteristics and unique personalities, multi-tasking to raise motivation, hotel-led PDCA, a synchronized valuation system, training methods, and profit share, to start.
We are able to achieve high labor productivity through these operational methods, organization management, and maintenance of human resource environments.

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