Property Management

Our record of successful turnarounds comes from understanding the brilliance of the individual and establishing high-functioning organizations.

We take employment risks as a management company to bring out the highest potential of human resources. It is difficult for the American style of a management contract to allow sufficient governance under the Japanese employment system. By employing our own operations staff, we are able to empower and create personalized service to maximize hotel value. The energy of each staff member becomes a key component.

If there were a need to establish revenue management, hiring a skilled revenue manager alone would not solve the problem. It may even cause internal friction. We believe a more effective approach is to strengthen existing staff with the necessary training and technology through our experienced methods


Hotel Managementt
· We offer operations services from management contracts to franchising of other hotel brands.

Management Services
·Strategic Planning ·Revenue Management ·Marketing · Product Development ·Operational Improvement (PDCA Cycle Implementation, etc) ·Sales ·IT Functions ·Managerial Accounting ·Other

Our Property Management Projects

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